Fun with SkyMall

Heather over at Heather Homefaker did this awesome post about the insanity that is SkyMall.  I loved that post–I feel like no one else I know adores SkyMall the way I do.  Every time J. and I fly I try to get him to laugh at it and he just looks at what I show him and goes “huh.” with a shrug.  Gah!  How do you not see this stuff is hilarious!

Anyways, seeing how I was just on a plane for my vacation last week, I thought I would add to her idea and post some of my favorites from this trip:


Like this flying yard pooch!  SUPER WEINER.



I’m sure you all wanted the ability to strap a small child to your neck.  Am I right?  Seriously though this looks like one hell of an accident waiting to happen.



Supposedly this is a litter box but I prefer to think of it as a Cat Spaceship.



And for the wealthier customer with $2,250 burning a hole in your pocket, you can pick up a life size bigfoot statue for your yard.  The classiest in 1% decorating!

Do you also love SkyMall?  Please tell me I am not alone in this.





4 thoughts on “Fun with SkyMall

  1. Oh I love skymall!!! Always get an awesome kick out of the insane things on sale..but the kid strapped on the neck, I have seen it , and split into laughters.. also the only time I have seen anyone buy anything, was once, by an old lady, who bought something from skymall for her husband..but yeah, skymall is my flying humor dose!

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