High Five For Friday!

It’s that time of the week again!

1. This is the cutest thing in the world:

2.  I am REALLY psyched for this.  The Wire will be streaming on Amazon Prime!!!  If you have not seen The Wire and you have Amazon Prime, remember to put it in your queue, it’s my favorite show of all time (though, Mad Men might take that honor when all’s said and done).

3.  A new cafe opened up by my place–well, not new so much, it used to be a restaurant, but a cafe asked to merge with the restaurant owner to reconcept the place as a cafe but still offer the same restaurant foods.  I love the idea…a cafe will work out  much better in this neighborhood, I think, than a sit down restaurant.  So I plan on checking it out this weekend.

4. I saw this article on Cooking Light about a month’s worth of easy side dishes, and I thought it was great.

5.  I’m really excited to write up some blog posts this weekend at the cafe mentioned up in #3 there.  I’ve got one almost finished about canning, and have others in mind for my cooking from my cookbooks series, my April Books post, also I found some food pics on my phone from before I started this blog that I can write about, as well as meal planning and bathroom renovating.


OK–time to get ready for work.  TTYL!


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