Makeup Review: Naked Skin by Urban Decay



I recently went to Sephora because my skin was driving me crazy.  I’m very pale, so any sort of blemish or mark will leave a scar on me.  Plus that leads to undereye circles as well.  Not a good look.

I learned two things on this shopping trip:

1. This was the most I have ever spent on makeup–yes, I spent about $200 on all this.  Yikes!  But…

2. You get what you pay for.

This stuff blows anything from the drugstore I’ve ever tried out of the water, full stop.

I bought:

Complexion Primer Potion

which I apply by squeezing a line onto the back of my hand (about an inch in length) and using my kabuki brush to apply a thin layer all over.

Then I add a pump of

Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

to the back of my hand and apply the same way as the primer above. I’m a 2.0 shade, I think it’s best to go and have one of the clerks help pick out the right shade, rather than try to figure it out on the computer.

I bought two of these:

24/7 Concealer Pencil

One in a shade to match my skin, to cover any sun spots, red marks, or anything else I’m getting in my “old age” of 32.  One is also in a slightly darker shade and that is to cover right under my eyes.  I rub the pencil on the tip of my finger and then apply using my fingertip wherever needed.

Then I set it all with:

Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder

This really finishes it all off and is an important step.   Again, I use the kabuki brush.  And finally, I add a bit of color with:

Naked Flushed

You swipe your brush either left to right or right to left across the palette, depending on if you want more of a bronzed look or a blush look.

And I set it all with a few sprays of:

Chill Makeup Setting Spray

This makeup stays on just fine all day and will cover even the darkest discoloration or scarring.  I have seen photos of myself since I bought this makeup and it truly has transformed my skin into something that looks flawless.

Can’t recommend this stuff enough!  Truly worth every cent.


6 thoughts on “Makeup Review: Naked Skin by Urban Decay

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! High end makeup can definitely be worth it sometimes, especially for the products you mentioned above.

  2. I get scars like nobody’s business and just spent a bunch of green on a good foundation, concealer, primer at sephora. I totally agree that it hurts while you are shelling out the big bucks but the results are so worth it 😉 😀 A photo of you after your make up routine would be an awesome addition to this post!

  3. My BF actually took a great one of me on our vacation that really shows how well this makeup covers, I am going to add it when he emails it to me–it’s on his iPad, not one of my cameras!

  4. I agree, high end make-up is so worth the price you pay. Especially when it comes to foundations. I feel like they look more natural and cover better. Also, it’s easy to find your perfect shade. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to check out the Flushed palette.

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