Now Streaming: Orphan Black

Do you know what tonight is (note: I’m writing this Sunday night)?  It’s the premiere of Mad Men.  I hate this night, every year!  Why?  Because I don’t have cable, and I have to wait til tomorrow to watch it!  So jealous of those who have AMC.

However, I’ve been streaming the excellent first season of Orphan Black, which is now part of Amazon Prime Instant Video.  Score!

In other news here, I’ve been plenty busy thanks to work.   I’m getting promoted on July 1, so I’m supposed to be training for my new position, but I have some reservations about the whole thing to be honest.  I’m not completely keen on everything at my company which  makes me question my commitment there (the new position is executive level, so I feel it’s important I have real buy-in into the organization’s procedures etc.)  And also, I’ve had the itch to get out of Chicago for the past year or so as well.  So, I’m keeping my eyes open, and thinking about how I want the next 5-7 years to look.  A lot on my mind, in other words.

The weather here has been so bizarre too–we had summer yesterday with sunshine and high temps, fall today with lots of rain and fog, winter tomorrow with snow, and spring on Tuesday with average temps for April in Chicago.  It doesn’t exactly put me in the mindset to be cooking.  I’ve been making the same old wintery stuff you’ve seen on here, so there isn’t really much in the way of new recipes to make.  I’m anxiously anticipating farmer’s market season so I can bust out of this food rut!

I’ll be on vacation from Thurs-Tues, so I’m hoping to get some time then to write more posts and make this blog more active again.  AND revive the cooking from my cookbooks trend I started and enjoyed during January and February!


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