Recipe: Thai Butternut Soup

Hello readers!  I apologize for the silence this past week.  This second half of March is gearing up to be overwhelmingly busy thanks to work plus weekend trips (one for work, one for fun…but I’ll probably be bringing work to it!)  so I am not sure I will be doing much posting before April.  But I’ll try my best when I can!

I made this soup Sunday night and it was to. die. for.  I pinned it a bit back and thought, well, cooking from my pinterest is sorta like cooking from my cookbooks, right?  Let’s not talk about how many pins I have that I haven’t done anything with!  The majority of my pinterest is recipes….I’d guess easily 90%, and I have over 1,600 pins, so, yeah, a lot of recipes there.

I tried photographing it but it turned out just horribly, so I’m using the picture provided courtesy Cooking Light.



Here is a link to the recipe.

I’ll note that I did not have cilantro in the house so skipped that (Plus, I notice J. is not a huge fan of cilantro.  I am, but I know it is  a polarizing herb).  Also, I didn’t have peanuts, so I swirled in a heaping tablespoon of PB out of the jar.

This will undoubtedly become a repeat recipe for me.

Also, it could easily be made vegan.  Swap vegetable stock for chicken stock, and check out this vegan fish sauce.  I think I will try that fish sauce myself.  Who knows what’s really in the fish sauce I bought from the store….

Anyways, if you like curry and coconut milk and spice, run don’t walk to make this recipe!


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