High Five for Friday!

Ugh, you guys.  This week.  Had some heavy drama at work and just did not have the mental energy to cook and clean let alone write blog posts.  But this week is OVA! and the drama has subsided.

1.  My Elizabeth & Clarke spring box is on its way!!  And now I own a full length mirror for pictures.  The mirror’s cheap and totally warped after about two days of being hung from the door, but I think I can fix that by gluing it down to a sturdier backing, like metal bars or plywood.  Have you had this problem with cheap mirrors?

2. The first of the month means a whole bunch more cheap kindle books at Amazon.  Looking forward to seeing what the options are.

3.  I have some good posts I plan to write over the weekend–my cooking from my cookbooks #2 for Feb, a writeup of the books I read this month, and an intro to water bath canning.

4. Fitnessblender.com is releasing an e-book Saturday, an 8 week exercise program designed for busy people.  I’m so buying it.  Getting to the gym has been rough lately because of both the weather and my work schedule.  So I am really looking forward to some more structure for my workouts.

5.  I’m enjoying the new Tonight Show–never cared for Leno, found him condescending.  But what I’m really getting at is there was this funny lip synch contest btw. Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon which I am guessing you’ve all seen already, but the article I saw talking about it linked to this video:

And I cannot stop laughing at it.  At all.  I feel like when people ask me what a day at work looks like for me, I’ll just send them this video instead.

Until next week, everyone!


3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. I definitely want to check out that e-book! I always feel so guilty when I skip workouts because I’m busy. I’ve also heard really good things about the new Tonight Show. Someday soon I’ll have to try and stay awake late enough to watch 🙂

  2. I am on day 3 of the e-book–the workouts are about half an hour each, but very effective! My legs are burning after yesterday’s leg video.

    Also you can watch the Tonight Show on the Tonight Show website–I usually do that a day late, cause then I can skip around and avoid anything that I end up bored by!

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