Now Streaming: Transparent

It’s pilot season again on Amazon Prime Videos.  Before checking out any of the five adult shows, I checked out some reviews to see how the offerings stacked up.  Based on the reviews, I picked Transparent.

Transparent is the story of three adult siblings who are gathered together for dinner one night by their father, who has a big announcement.  Jeffrey Tambor plays the father–you’ll recognize him from Arrested Development and Archer.  And Gaby Hoffman is one of the siblings, she just recently finished up a story arc in Girls.

The show starts out a bit slow, but by halfway in I was hooked.  The three children have their flaws, but the characters aren’t so grating that you’re put off by them.  I thought the father’s announcement was handled sensitively and with compassion, and by the end I felt there was enough of interest with all three children plus the father that I’d definitely watch more if they run a full season.

Check out Transparent here, and review it at after you’ve watched.


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