Stitch Fix #2 arrives!

I LOVED this box when I first opened it.  But now that I’m trying stuff on, I’m not so sure. Let’s get it started!



this dress is delightful.  No doubt, it’s staying.


I absolutely love this sweater right out of the box.  But I’m not sure how much I like it on me.  No waist shaping, which I’m not really sure works on a garment of this length on me.  If I wear it with the sweater’s waistband resting above my hips, there’s too much fabric at the waist and it looks sloppy.  I don’t know guys, what do you think?  Am I being too critical or is this a case of “Girl, that’s not your sweater” as Tom and Lorenzo would say?




This is pretty cute too, don’t you think?  And I though the same sweater above looked really cute with it.

wpid-IMG_20140213_214715_989.jpg wpid-IMG_20140213_214647_555.jpg

Note the critter, who *had* to be part of this whole production.



I also love this top.  I do not love how I bothered to style it, but it’s 10 PM right now as I write this and styling isn’t going to happen!  But how cute would this be under a blazer, or tucked into a pencil skirt?

I also received a pair of black pants, which are perfectly nice but about 4 inches too long.  However, if I keep everything else it only makes sense to keep them too, in which case I’ll have them hemmed at the tailor’s.

I also noticed that the house brand, 41Hawthorn, is now made in China instead of the US.  I’m not so keen on that.

As much as I love getting a box of clothes from Stitch Fix, the whole process of having to decide what stays and what goes is kind of stressful.  Plus, I don’t own a mirror other than in the bathroom (I really should rectify that this weekend, don’t you think?) means I have to rely on pictures that I take with a self timer or by my BF J. to determine how I look, which isn’t always helpful.  And, sometimes I worry that I am too self critical about how I look and I am not being objective.  Maybe this weekend, I can actually style these items that I’m on the fence about and that will help me.  But for now, I’d love to hear, what should I keep and what should go??


7 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2 arrives!

  1. I think you should keep all of it! As for the sweater – can you do like a half-tuck in the front? That’s what I usually do when there is extra material at the waist (basically every shirt I own, since my waist is like 2 inches long.) I LOVE the printed top, too. Man, now you’re making me want to start getting Stitch Fixes again.

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