Quick Cooking: Polenta and Chorizo with Poached Eggs

Ugh, you guys.  Is anyone else feeling apathetic lately?  It’s gotta be the weather.  I tried to go to the farmer’s market this weekend, and the lot was so poorly plowed that it had fewer parking spots available than usual and traffic could only go in one direction, and it was such mass chaos that I left without even going in because fighting five other people for a spot didn’t seem worth it.  So…I’ll be back at the market when the snow melts.  But that’s how crazy things are here with all the snow and no where to put it.

Here’s the dinner you need when it’s too crappy outside to go to the store and you’re not in the mood to do much cooking.   Three ingredients and done.

Tube of polenta (I normally never buy this stuff.  But the major grocery store a few blocks from my house closed in December and sold everything at half off.  I bought all kinds of stuff, and this was part of it. )

Chorizo sausage


Step 1. Saute the sausage.  Drain on a paper towel while you proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Thinly slice the polenta tube and pan fry the slices in the grease from the chorizo.

Note: While doing steps 1 and 2, have a pot of water coming to a boil for step 3.

Step 3.  Poach eggs.

And you end up with this.  Breakfast for dinner on a snowed in night.



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