Review: Elizabeth and Clarke Winter 2013 box

Have you heard of Elizabeth and Clarke?  I found them a few months back while reading Stitch Fix reviews.  I received their box in December, and I am really impressed with it.  I spent $60 and received three shirts:

1. The Taylor


This classic button down is well made and fits great.  I like that it has these tabs on the sleeves so you can roll them up.

2. The Warren



This one is really polarizing online, I’ve noticed.  People freak out about the shoulder pads.  But I love it.  I love the zipper detail, and I think the shoulder pads give it structure.  Seriously, I had my coat off for no more than five literal seconds before I had a coworker freaking out over how much she loved this top.  The fabric is very soft, and the lining is beautiful as well.  I seriously cannot believe this top only cost me $20.

3. The Paige

wpid-IMG_20140205_201515_839.jpg wpid-IMG_20140205_201627_899.jpg wpid-IMG_20140205_201608_148.jpg

I haven’t actually worn this top out yet because, a sheer sleeveless top in winter?  Not in this town.  However, I love the attached scarf, and I think it’ll be great come summer.

I can’t emphasize enough what nice quality I think these tops are.  You can see it in how they’re cut and by looking at the seams.  Everything lines up perfectly.


It’s not too late to get in on the Spring 2014 box.  I am getting all three tops again.  I cannot wait!


5 thoughts on “Review: Elizabeth and Clarke Winter 2013 box

    • Yes! They’re great! On their website it says you need to place the order by Feb 1 to receive the Spring box by March 1, but they still have it up for order, so I think it will just send it out later. From what I have read too, if you need to make any exchanges or returns that they are awesome to deal with.

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