Craftsy Class Review: Perfect Pizza at Home

Do you know about Craftsy yet?  It’s a website with a mix of free and available for purchase crafting lessons.  The topics cover cooking, knitting, crochet, fine arts, sewing, cakes and cake decorating, photography, and more.

I had heard about it months ago but never bothered to actually check out a class.  This past week, I finally watched the Perfect Pizza at Home course, and tried making a pizza using the methods reviewed in the class.  The course is free.

The course comes with about 90 minutes worth of video instruction.  There’s also some .pdf’s with recipes, tips, and metric conversions.  You can ask questions about the course and other viewers will answer them, as well as the instructor.  Also, there is space to record your own notes while you watch the video.

All in all I was really impressed.  The instructor covers four types of pizza dough, but only one uses AP flour which is all I have at home.  It was snowing all day the day I made the dough, so I made the one dough I had the right flour for.  You will need a few things to make pizza this way: a food scale, a pizza peel, and a pizza stone.  I had all these already, just waiting for me to get motivated to cook.

I made the dough on Saturday and then assembled and baked the pizzas Sunday.


In the oven…my oven light burned out which is why it’s so dark!wpid-IMG_20140202_191611_272.jpg

Cooling off before slicing


The finished product.  Note that the crust holds up pretty well!

I made the tomato sauce as specified in the course, and made a mix of mozzarella cheese and Syrah-soaked Toscano cheese from Trader Joe’s.  Then garnished with green onions after baking.

I’ll definitely be making pizzas again this way.  I actually have three more dough balls now because you can freeze the dough that you don’t use, so the next time I make pizza it will be a breeze.  Next time I plan on trying a different dough, just for the hell of it.  I also plan on trying some pizzas with fresh toppings and with pesto instead of tomato sauce when basil is in season.

Go check out this free course!  It’s fun to watch the videos and I found that it ended up working out pretty well.  I def. plan on taking more Craftsy courses, both for cooking as well as for knitting, crocheting, and sewing.


3 thoughts on “Craftsy Class Review: Perfect Pizza at Home

  1. I haven’t heard of Craftsy either, so thanks for posting about it! Have you tried any others yet?

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