Now Streaming: Louie

With miserable weather like we’ve had this month, it’s the perfect time to watch the tv you’ve heard was good but never got around to.  Enter Louie:

Being happily childfree, I still find Louie’s struggles with raising his little girls hilarious and relate-able.  Three seasons are up on Netflix right now, and I plowed through them pretty fast.  It’s  mostly dark, deadpan humor, with a surprising amount of poignancy and even bleakness at times.  Surrealism is it’s wheelhouse–the show veers into complete fantasy with no notice.  Louis CK is really excellent at keeping it interesting at all times, and I find every season to be better than the last.  It’s also a great portrayal of New York–very reminiscent of Woody Allen, cinematically.  Here’s a clip that illustrates what I’m talking about regarding surrealism at work in this show (and I absolutely love his portrayal of the coffeeshop scene).   Don’t watch this at work or everyone will think you’re off your rocker:

Louie comes back this May, I can’t wait!


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