Late to the party again: Sweet potatoes and black beans

OK, I saw someone talking about this meal online and it sounded so easy and worth trying that I made it for dinner on Saturday.  And, OMG.  This is so easy and really delicious.  Is everyone else eating this and I wasn’t aware?  Because we should all be  eating this.


Roast sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for at least 45 minutes.  I kept them whole, and poked holes with a fork all over them prior to putting them in the oven.  My potatoes were pretty large, so they took closer to an hour.

When they’re just about done heat up a can of black beans and add salsa to taste.  You can add salt or chili powder if you want.

I put manchego cheese on mine, but it’s great without it too.  And it’s really pretty filling!

Also what’s pretty cool is I made this entirely with food from the farmers market, save the spices.  The sweet potatoes and cheese I got from the winter market last wknd, the beans I bought dried this past summer and canned using my pressure canner, the salsa I also made over the summer using farmer’s market produce and water bath canned.

Hope you enjoy this super easy and tasty (and vegan, when made without cheese!) winter dinner!


4 thoughts on “Late to the party again: Sweet potatoes and black beans

    • That was exactly how I thought about sweet potatoes too!! Hope you are staying warm in all this…my office closed today and tomorrow too (tomorrow is work at home day though, today was a day off). I have all but given up on fashion thanks to this weather!

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