Back again…late to the party!

Hello again! Over the Christmas break my computer stopped working.  I was able to narrow down that it was a hardware issue and as it was a cheap, bulky laptop from about 2009 or 10, getting it fixed seemed to be a poor use of money. Every other time I have had a computer die, I do the following: 1.  Panicflail that I’ll be without my beloved internet:


2. Make haste to the nearest Best Buy.

3.  Ask for cheapest laptop available.

4.  Repeat in three years when the cheapest laptop can’t handle this earth any longer.

This time I actually took the time to think about what I wanted and do some research.  Yes, I was without a computer for a few weeks, but I can still browse the internet with my phone and kindle, although they suck for typing.  (aside: what is with the wordpress app for android?  anyone else use it and have a hell of a time typing on it?  it capitalizes Every Damn Word regardless of placement.  Can anyone help me with it not being a piece of crap? )

I really don’t like to sit at a desk, so I was really interested in a tablet with a keyboard.  Also, seeing as I work in accounting, my whole career is wrapped up in spreadsheets, and I really wanted MS Office.  My past two laptops didn’t have it (because they were cheap and I didn’t want to pay for it separately) and OpenOffice’s spreadsheet software just wasn’t cutting it.

Bitches be all over my vlookup skillz.

I settled on the Asus Transformer T100.  It’s cheap, comes with MS office, runs on Windows 8.1 which I’m told is superior to Windows RT, and I gotta say I absolutely love it so far.  The  only real drawback is the keyboard is really small, although I’m really not struggling all that much through physically typing this post out, so I guess it’s not all that much of a drawback.  I am really enjoying the bing apps that come with it as well–particularly the fitness, cooking, and news apps.  If you’re here in Chicago you’ve probably seen the ads for this laptop/tablet hybrid on the Brown line.  They taunted me all week while I waited for the computer to ship.

Anyways I named this post “late to the party” because I feel like everyone has been working off of tablets now and I’ve finally ditched the huge clunky beast of a laptop I used to work off of.  Also, I’ve got a recipe that I’ll be putting up soon, that was so tasty and simple I can’t help but wonder if everyone else has been making it without me!  I’ll save that post for another day, though.


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