Day 5: Stitch Fix arrives!

Let’s not talk about the massive amounts of driving around I had to do to get this box, m’kay?  Let’s just look at what I got, per the cards:

Here’s the note from my stylist:


Charcoal Grey Sweater: Abbot Crew Neck Elbow Patch Sweater

Pros: Very comfy, def. a statement piece.

Cons: For the price, I wish the elbow patches weren’t synthetic.  $108.


Blue top: Shelton Twist-Front Sleeveless Top

Pros: great color, cute style, price is right for sure at $35.

Cons: I don’t have a mirror at home other than my bathroom mirror, so I can’t tell how it fits.




Black Skinny Pants: Kut From The Kloth Baxley Zipper Detail Skinny Jean

Pros: Fit great!  The zipper detail is cute.
Cons: Well, not really a con, but I already own a pair of slim fit black pants, from Banana Republic via the thrift store.  So I feel kind of silly keeping these at $88.


Cardigan: Zadie Chevron Draped Cotton Cardigan in cream and black.

Pros: OMG so comfy.  Totally a statement piece, which I’m into.  I’d never have picked this out myself, ever.  It’s very Olsen-twinish, but I like them, so that’s good for me.

Cons;  It might be too big….I need to take some pictures of me in it to see if it works on me or not.  $78.



Dress: Marley sleeveless sheath dress in black

Pros: Seems like it fits great.

Cons: $128 for a dress is a lot of dough.  Will need to see me in pics to verify it’s worth it at that price.



Overall impressions?

1. Ship to the office next time.

2. Ask for more color.  Two black items, one charcoal grey, and one black with cream.

3. It seems like it all fits pretty well on first impressions but might be even a smidge big on some items.

4.  Didn’t see anything made in the USA, I saw other boxes that had locally made stuff so I was sort of hoping I’d get at least one domestically made product.

Right now I’m leaning towards the sweater and cardigan the most (unless I don’t like the cardigan after seeing pics), and perhaps the dress and blue top if I like how it fits per pictures too.  The black pants I might have kept if I didn’t already have something so similar.  The whole box with the 25% discount is $327, more than I hoped (was hoping it would be closer to $250ish–my girlfriend who ordered a box which arrives tomorrow’s was even under that!) but if they’re really ideal pieces I can live with that.  It’s not something I would do regularly though and would only order maybe 2 or 3 boxes a year if the prices are this high.

Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of me in the items.  Goodnight–I’m off to catch up on Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow!


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