Day 4: Ugh.

Nothing real to report here…still no stitch fix box, and no notice at the mailbox despite USPS’s website stating so.  If my box arrives tomorrow it’ll be three days late.  The total of the box including discount is way more than I want to spend on this, I have seen people’s boxes that are about $200ish and this is far more despite me marking the cheapest option box or under $100 for every category (for example, I have a dress in there that’s $128 and I marked $50-$100 for dresses).  The one item in the box that I was able to find on Google doesn’t look like it’s going to be very flattering.   With it being late, and more expensive than requested, I’m not really excited about this any more, gotta say.

Maybe I’ll do better with Elizabeth & Clarke, which ships Dec 1.


5 thoughts on “Day 4: Ugh.

    • I searched your blog quickly to see the $100 necklace and I think I found it…I really cannot imagine spending that kind of cash on a necklace, unless it was something truly original made by an indie/self employed designer who I wanted to support!

      • I’m trying to remember, but I don’t think I blogged about that fix. I did blog about one necklace that I can remember, which I wound up keeping because it was only around $20, but yet again – I didn’t even say that I want necklaces! Maybe because I kept that one they thought they’d try again 🙂

      • Oh OK–I saw two when I searched, and one necklace you posted you were really pleased with and kept so I just assumed it was the other one! It was a long gold chain necklace.

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