Recipe Review: Chicken in Milk

This is the review of this recipe linked here.

Call me crazy but I love cooking a really nice dinner on Friday nights.  My BF and I, we’re both generally not the type to go out partying on Fridays–we’d rather recognize the end of another week by relaxing at home and doing home-type things there’s not time for during the week like read for hours, watch 4 episodes straight of TV, or for me, cooking.

This recipe gets you the too-fancy-for-weeknight dinner with the laziness of the weekend.  Putting it together is a breeze.  You don’t even peel the garlic!  Brown the chicken (took about 10 minutes) dump in the rest of the ingredients, and throw in the oven for 90 minutes.   I read 20% of the e-book I downloaded right before I left work while it cooked.

Changes I made, after reading online reviews:

1.  Used 1 cup of heavy cream and 1 cup milk rather than 2 cups milk

2. Used 10 cloves garlic, because, why not?

3. Cooked 45 minutes with the lid on and 45 with it off.

All plated up! Fresh out of the oven!

(Note to self:  The lighitng in the kitchen is much better than in the dining room when you eat dinner at 9 PM!)

I can’t wait to make this again.  Certainly a new favorite way to make whole chicken.  The sauce is rich and lemony and the chicken very moist.  The garlic will squeeze right out of the papery shells once cooked, and you can spread on bread along with the sauce.

I’ve got half the meat left–as it’s not heavily seasoned I think I could use it for just about anything, so I’m not sure where it’ll end up yet.  Having another chicken carcass means I have enough bones to make stock this weekend as well.


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