NaBloPoMo 2: Just a recap of the day!

Not much to say here….was hoping to be trying on my Stitch Fixes right now but as predicted my box is not coming until Monday at the earliest…lesson learned: don’t schedule Stitch Fix for Saturday.

–Gym: 90 minutes.  Yay!  Brought the Kindle so I could get some reading done…and I realized too than when I finally get around to buying new headphones I can bring it there and watch videos using the gym’s wireless while I coast on the elliptical.  (note: the elliptical isn’t all I do, but I like to spend about 40 minutes a session or so just doing that while reading cause it’s either that and burn a handful of calories or read on the couch and burn none, right?)

IMG_20131102_180009_030 some of my shopping haul.

–Farmer’s Market: last Evanston market of the year :(.  I got quite a haul, which I’m taking a break from right now.  I chop and wash as much of my vegetables as I can during the weekend to make dinners faster on the weeknights.





Brussels Sprouts



Bok Choy



The markets will be much smaller for the next few months now.  Ah well….

I also cleaned the kitchen and sanded the bathroom drywall, the next step is to prime.  Might have time tonight, we’ll see.  Otherwise, no reason I can’t do it tomorrow AM.

I also hit up Trader Joe’s where I got cat food and litter (Their wet cat food is good for cats with kidney crystals, like mine) and of course bought a bunch of random crap.

-Dark chocolate and speculoos bar:  Good, but not great.  If I’m eating speculoos spread, I want it on pretzels.

-Baked Cheese Puffs:  Yeah baby. Look at the ingredient list on these fake Cheetos.


This means they don’t count as junk food, right?

-Butternut Squash Triangoli:  My fave stuffed pasta they sell.  I also grabbed some of the mushroom ravioli, I don’t think I’ve tried that one yet.

Anyways, back to work putting those vegetables away!


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