Website: Style Up

Style Up has you answer a few short questions about your personal style and your location.  Then, you get a daily email (M-F) with an idea of what to wear based on your weather forecast.  I’ve gotten a few cute options so far:


This is what I got for Monday–so I pulled similar pieces from my wardrobe and wore that.  It turned out pretty cute, and ended up being something I probably wouldn’t have thought to put together otherwise.  I don’t have a black blazer, so I had to go with dark grey.  It was probably the most literal I’ve ever done of a Style Up email.  For days where you want fresh inspiration, it’s a fun option.



3 thoughts on “Website: Style Up

  1. Even when I don’t have the right pieces to make the outfit, or don’t want to that day for whatever reason, I can still store that pic in my favorites and refer back to it later, which I really like!

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