High Five for Friday!

1.  I have today off!  I’m using up a personal day before it expires 12/31.  I have another I need to use up prior to then too…plus I have four vacation days I can either use, or roll over.  I see another three day weekend prior to Thanksgiving!

2. A few books I’ve read recently that I loved:  Divergent and The Maze Runner.  Now I’m on the waiting list for book two of each series from the library.  There’s over one hundred people ahead of me for Insurgent!  But at least the library has nearly thirty digital copies!

3.  Today (like, right this minute) I’m canning Chili con Carne for the first time.  I cooked it on Tuesday night, and we ate some for dinner.  Then I put the rest in the fridge til this morning when I had time to pressure can it.  I got four quarts!  As far as seasonings go, I used a tablespoon each of: paprika, cumin powder, ancho chili powder, guajillo chili powder, and arbol chili powder.  It takes 90 minutes to process quarts, so during this time I think I’ll catch up on….

4. Breaking Bad!  I’m almost done with the whole thing, I believe I have about 6 episodes til the bitter end.  I’ve got my scanner set up in front of the TV in the den now, so I can catch up on my scanning while I watch.

5.  The rest of the weekend for me consists of:

  • finish the tile in the bathroom floor
  • make frozen pizzas
  • drive up to Evanston to go to the bank and Trader Joe’s
  • clean the living room and dining room

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