High Five for Friday

My Five for the week:

1.  I ordered my first stitch fix this week!!  It comes Nov. 2.  I also signed up with Elizabeth & Clarke, that one ships Dec 1.  Can’t wait to get some clothing shipments in the coming months!

2.  I hung some pics on my wall.  There’s a weird blank space because I’m ordering another piece that’ll go there.  All 3 will be from local neighborhood artists.  I included closeups too.  That oak door–that’s on the docket to be replaced.  I’m hoping to replace it with this vintage door I salvaged, and want it painted black.  And I realize from posting this that the lower painting is a wee bit crooked…guess I should adjust that!  I’m hoping that when all 3 are up that stupid thermostat doesn’t stand out too much.

ImageImage(by Fred Nitsch)

Image (by Dr. Rev. Kitt Miller)

3. I finished a sweater!  Hoping to block it this weekend….this weekend I really need to power through and get a lot done.

4. I’m on Breaking Bad season 4.  I’m not sure if I really like it or not.  But I’m already over half through, so I might as well power through I figure!  Why does Skyler look so different in S3 and 4 compared to 1 and 2?

5. My back porch, as of about 20 minutes ago.



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