Cool Stuff: Fitness Blender

Cool Stuff: Fitness Blender

Do you like working out but feel too lazy to go to the gym?  Or it’s too cold to work out outside?  I’m addicted to Fitness Blender.  I saw a link to them somewhere else…maybe gawker?  I don’t remember where.  But the workouts range from cardio to strength, from 8 minutes to over an hour, from low impact to high intensity.  Most of them don’t need anything more than some free weights (mine are from Play it Again Sports) and maybe a mat if you have one.  Some do require a kettle bell or exercise ball, I don’t have those yet but plan on buying them. 

The best part is they’re all free!  But the site owners are asking for donations if you like the videos.  I haven’t donated yet.  I do plan on doing so soon though.  I have no affiliation w/this site or the people behind it, I just think it rocks.  


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